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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the name "Providence Counseling"?

When Denease and her husband, Pete, decided to enter private practice, their business would first need a name! Sitting together at the computer, they created an account with the Secretary of State. They entered every name they could imagine, only to find each one had already been taken. Finally, as a last effort, Pete entered "Providence Counseling Services," inspired by their home church in Clinton, MS, Providence Presbyterian Church. The name was available!


Since that day, the business has proven its name in many ways. For starters, it has provided the Bishops with opportunities for professional growth. Perhaps more importantly, it has provided those who enter the doors a place of rest and healing, a driving force behind the work. 

In early 2024, Providence Counseling entered into a partnership called Oxford Counseling Collective, LLC. Currently in the early stages of growth, our hope for OCC is to form a group of highly skilled therapists to provide top notch services to Oxford and surrounding areas. For more information, check out our website at

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How do your religious beliefs effect counseling?

Having been trained at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, Denease received solid, scientifically sound training with additional emphasis on integrating Biblical principles in the counseling process. 

Denease recognizes all people as immensely valuable and worthy of being treated with the utmost respect. She considers it an honor to work with individuals, couples and families from all racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. New clients entering counseling with her are provided with the opportunity to choose whether they desire to have Christian beliefs integrated with the evidence-based practices she already employs. Those who opt not to have that integrative approach can rest assured Denease enters into the therapeutic relationship with a nonjudgmental acceptance of each individual.

How much do you charge?

Denease is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, including AHS State and School Employees and Federal BCBS.

 If your deductible has been met and your particular BCBS policy includes mental health benefits, you are only responsible for your copay at each visit. You will be notified of your financial obligation prior to the initiation of the first session. 

For those not covered under BCBS or who do not wish to use their insurance to pay for counseling, the fee is $150 per 50-60 minute session. Providence Counseling accepts all major credit cards, HSA cards, checks or cash.

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